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  • Being a SABIS® student has guided me into attaining the traits that I need in order to be successful such as time management and dedication to overcome challenges, as well as enabled me to meet and befriend many great students and teachers who have had a great impact on developing my personality. Moreover; it has both mentally and psychologically prepared me for the rigorous course and the challenges that await me in university and my life afterwards.
    Ali Al Juma Graduation Year: AY 15-16

  • I consider myself extremely lucky that I chose to send my eldest son, who was then followed by his other siblings, to study at the International School of Choueifat. It was the best decision I made concerning my kids both because of the quality of education they have received and the school’s influence on their overall character and personality development.
    The SABIS® system is impressive on a number of levels. First, it is strong on fundamentals (mathematics, reading and writing), which provides students a solid foundation and capability for independent learning. Second, the SABIS® learning materials (textbooks, workbooks, laboratories, etc.) are excellent in content, structure and sequence, which make the learning process fruitful but also exciting. In addition to the content of the curriculum, which stresses breath as well as depth of knowledge and skills, the SABIS® learning system is unique in its emphasis on continuous assessment and tracking of student performance - parents always know how their kids are performing. Finally, SABIS® provides a rich learning environment that is safe and warm, promotes creativity, and builds confidence and a sense of responsibility. I admire the sense of self-worth that graduates of the SABIS® system possess. Finally, graduates of the SABIS® system, including my own son, recognize the importance of the quality education and learning experiences they received Choueifat for their success is in higher education and life.
    Dr. Fahim AL Marhoobi Omani

  • What makes Choueifat different is that it taught me more than just mathematical equations and sciences; it taught me how to work well under pressure and organize my time effectively. Attending this school made me realize my full potential and discover that I have the capacity to handle a lot more than I thought I could.
    This school provided me with quality education while teaching me how to cope with academic pressure, thus preparing me for university in a way I feel no other school could have.
    Mahinaz Mohsen Graduation year: AY 15-16

  • Aspire, apply and achieve. Aspiration: This school has taught me how to always believe in myself by providing the perfect environment for me to strive for my wildest dreams. Application: Taking challenging courses and working outside my comfort zone, I became a dedicated hard worker that gradually realized my potential. Achievement: The SABIS® curriculum has amplified my knowledge beyond the standards expected. The combination of these three tools has manifested the strong personality I have today to be well prepared for the next chapters of my life.
    Raifa Saleh Al Maamari Graduation Year: AY 15-16

  • As a teacher and administrator, I get to enjoy the rewards of teaching and the organization that goes on behind the scenes. Whether they are academic, pastoral or organizational, I give my all to ensure a beneficial outcome for everyone involved.
    Furthermore, it is heartwarming to watch conscientious young teenagers develop into diligent and independent young men and women. Each year, our graduate class expands and I beam with pride knowing that they will make a difference in the world.
    Jodi Young Teachers/Admin

  • In ISC-Muscat we apply the SABIS® methods of teaching that proved throughout the years to be the best way to deliver the information to students...
    In SABIS® we are using the best technology such as Interactive White Boards, Smart TVs and EBooks to make learning easier, smoother and more fun, as well as helping students to be independent learners by reading and understanding through the Integrated Learning System.
    Elie Sarkis AQC Levels L, M, & N

  • What I have valued the most about working with the KG Department is being able to watch each child’s growth over the academic years. I have been able to see the children grow in confidence from shy unsure children to self-confident, articulate students. I have watched children on their first day of school, arrive full of apprehension who develop into self-assured leaders. I believe my job is not just to mold these students academically but to develop their underlying potential and instill in them values and pride.
    Ciara Walsh Infant AQC

  • Five years have passed and I still find myself engulfed with the drive to do more. From the football pitch to the stage, so much achieved, but so much more to do.
    The International School of Choueifat has given me the opportunity to both educate and develop a generation with a country that is developing. Students continuously observe and draw influence from us as teachers, so it is a privilege to have such an impact.
    Daniel Reid Teacher

  • A Challenging experience in a unique environment. The school’s climate is cooperative and encouraging for teachers and students alike.
    Zeina Ibrahim Teacher

  • The SLO with in the SABIS® system is a unique opportunity for those students who wish to develop life skills. Students work seamlessly alongside teachers to ensure the inclusion and participation of all, creating a sense of community with in an International School. The students enjoy the support of the school in their personal development, reinforcing SABIS® schools’ commitment to its core values.
    Deborah Campbell Teacher

  • تعتبر مدرسة الشويفات من أكثر المدارس تمثلا و تطبيقا لمقولة " الطالب هو محور العملية التربوية" إذ تحرص المدرسة بكل أفراد أسرتها التربوية من إدارة و أساتذة و قيمين على نجاح الطالب و تميزه دراسيا و سلوكيا ...وهي تعمل على تهيئة الطالب علميا و مهاريا و مستقبل الطالب في فلسفة الشويفات التربوية لا يبنى على تمثل واستيعاب المعارف النظرية فقط ولكن على حسن التطبيق العملي لتلك المعارف. وتعمل مدرسة الشويفات على الإستفادة القصوى و المتجددة من التكنولوجيا المعاصرة خدمة للطالب و تسهيلا لتحصيل العلوم والمعارف.
    هادي عزاري Teacher

  • نظام سابيس – رغم مرور أكثر من قرنٍ على تأسيسه – فهو نظامٌ أكاديميٌّ حديثٌ تطبَّقُ فيه أحدث الطّرائق البيداغوجيّة من معلّم الظّل و قائد المجموعة و هذا من شأنه أن يحفّز الطّلاّب و يخفّف عبء المعلّم بدرجةٍ كبيرةٍ.اضف الى ذلك أن نظام سابيس الرّائع يسعى إلى تحقيق نتائج مع كلِّ طالبٍ مهما اختلفت درجة استيعابه أو درجة ذكائه، عن طريق الامتحانات المستمرّة الّتي تمكّن الطّالب من معرفة أخطائه درساً بدرسٍ و تمكّن المعلّم أيضاً من معرفة مدى استيعاب طلاّبه لكلِّ مفهومٍ دُرِّسَ و شُرِحَ.
    سارة جعيدي Teacher

  • SABIS® system is a unique system that indulges the students in the learning process and teaches them how to become independent members of a group monitored by a group leader.
    Moreover, I have witnessed the use of technology through E-books and its positive impact on students by creating an interactive learning environment. My experience at ISC-Muscat taught me that SABIS® is the best provider of education for a changing world and brings the utmost out of each student, teacher, and administrator.
    Leila Abou Haidar AQC Levels E-F

  • Working for ISC-Muscat has been a rewarding experience. This experience has allowed me to put my teaching skills into practice while engaging in a rich educational environment. SABIS® curriculum blends the modern technology with the subject creating a dynamic resource. The school provides a wide variety of professional development workshops, support and mentors for new teachers. ISC-Muscat is our second home, where you feel welcome and appreciated. This will truly be an experience I will never forget!
    Ms. Samar Abu Leil Teacher

  • In my point of view, what creates the difference between SABIS® and other schools is its unique teaching methodology and academic curriculum.
    The idea of weekly assessment and the competition between teachers create a sense of responsibility.
    Second, SABIS® system helps teachers to overcome challenges by giving the proper tools and support to make a positive change and help weak students improve and excel.
    Third, the uniqueness of the point system which allows the teacher to be organized, systematic and capable of proper class management
    Ruba Zahreddine Teacher

  • During the time that I have been with ISC Muscat, I have had the opportunity to be part of a team who constantly strives to get the best from their students. It is a joy to watch these amazing students grow from year to year and achieve their potential. Additionally, it is great to be part of a school that is as technologically advanced as ISC Muscat and will continue to develop in the future.
    Shona O’Ccury Teacher

  • My career with SABIS® establishments started six years ago as a substitute teacher and that was a turning point in my professional life. At first i thought it was just a job, but i found out that it was about helping others. With SABIS® I learnt how to apply modern commutative methodologies to scientific information and update my scientific acquisition. In a word, working with SABIS® means promoting critical thinking.
    Michael Boutros Teacher

  • “To be able to witness the hard work of all the prefects and how all our preparations came together was incredibly heart-warming. Altogether we created an event that not only raised funds for “Al-Noor’s association for the Blind” but we also grew as a school, bringing all our staff and students together for a good cause.”
    Afnan Husein Student

  • ISC is a school system that has opened my heart to a huge community of amazing teachers and encouraging staff members. Our close-nit system with the other SABIS® schools also facilitates friendly competitions between the schools from all over the world that I had the honor to attend. These events instill the significance of opening up to new cultures and people.
    Furthermore, the events arranged by the SLO have not only taught me vital lessons, but have also been a great source of inspiration.
    Yolanda Abuelhawa Student

  • “ISC is my home away from home. It is where my intellectual and creative curiosity is welcomed. In the classrooms, students develop with the help of SABIS® strong academic curriculum that prepares them for whichever path they decide to take.
    ISC provides students with a strong background and the proper preparation to face life’s obstacles. Because of ISC, I am not afraid to step out into our world and embrace the challenges.”
    Buthaina Al Zubair Student

  • One of the most exciting and best moments in my life were when the school arranged different events like Culture Day, and Fundraiser. These events help us to release mental stress and everyone enjoys them. Moreover the school’s curriculum balances our social life and studies. Teachers also helped me and I never thought that I would come so far. SLO also plays an important role in my social life as it helped me to be more open-minded.
    Yousef Munil Student

  • Every day, I willingly wake up at 6 to get ready for the school. I always look forward to go and help in the school, especially in the SLO. Our school provides many activities such as Fundraising, International Day, etc.
    These events make me more aware of what is going on in the school. I give credit on my socialness mostly to the SLO, as the crew helped me change my nature from a shy person to a socially active person.
    Shaheen Al Alawi Student

  • Manal Fatimi - Testimonials
    “I joined ISC-Muscat 2002 and graduated in2014. Currently, I’m a 6th year medical student at Oman Medical College. I have one more year left. I got to skip the first 2 years due to my AP results. I’ve learned quite a few things at school: 1) Time management - which has helped me get through the tough schedule of medicine. 2) Leadership - helped me acquire the VP of Internal Affairs position at the Student Council. 3) Teamwork - helped me participate and organize multiple events held by the student council at my college. 4) Most importantly, how to work under pressure without losing my cool” Manal Fatimi ISC-Muscat Graduate
    Manal Fatimi

  • Qalb-E-Abbas Haider - Testimonials
    “I joined ISC-Muscat in 2012 and graduated in 2016. Currently I am Studying Geological Engineering at the University of British Columbia. I think the most important thing I learned at school is being gritty and innovative; the immense workload forced me to be so. It has helped me get through difficult situations with a cool head.” Qalb-E-Abbas Haider ISC-Muscat Graduate University of British Columbia Geological Engineering
    Qalb-E-Abbas Haider

  • Riham Al Touqi - Testimonials
    “I think one of the most valuable things I've learnt in Choueifat is that persistence always leads to success. The school made me believe in my abilities both in academics and as a person. When I entered Choueifat at Grade 6 with a basic foundation, teachers and staff provided me with all the help I needed to graduate with exceptional grades and get to where I am in life today. Apart from that, the educational system in Choueifat made it surprisingly easy to cope with academics and time management at university. “ Riham Al Touqi ISC-Muscat Graduate RMIT University- Bachelor of Business
    Riham Al Touqi

  • Sultan Al Habsi - Testimonials
    “I joined ISC-Muscat in 2004 and graduated in 2018. Currently, attending a four-year course at Princeton University, starting with Humanities and Engineering. The most important lesion that I learnt at school is to persevere long enough, to be true to who you are and to your dreams, and to realise the power of asking question.” ISC-Muscat Graduate Princeton University- Humanities and Engineering.
    Sultan Al Habsi

  • Eyad Al Naamani - Testimonials
    “I joined ISC-Muscat in 2009 and graduated in 2017. I am currently in my final year with a scholarship from the Omani government. Although still in my final year at UCL, I have completed a one month internship at IDO investments, Oman’s first strategic venture capital firm. I’m really looking forward to completing my final year at UCL. My time at ISC-Muscat gave me a resilient work ethic which will stick with me for the rest of my life.
    The high level of education I received at ISC-Muscat and the constant support from teachers have given me the constant drive to work hard and smart, and deliver results.”
    Eyad Al Naamani
The International School of Choueifat — Muscat

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